I price my knives in the function of the steel and the size of the blade and calculate a price per Centimeter ($/cm). Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding pricing or if you need advice on steel selection.


  • High Carbon Steel $40/cm
  • Stainless Steel $45/cm
  • Differentially Hardened Blades (Hamon) $50/cm
  • Damascus Steel starting at $65/cm
    (based on the complexity of the pattern)


  • Handle of your choice is
    included in the price.
  • Additional:
  • Brass/Bronze Collar $35
  • Brass Bolster $120

Dining Knives

  • $350 each (Minimum of 4)

Order Process


  • Check out my work on my website and Instagram. Get a feel for what I do and what you like.


  • Get in contact via telephone or email to custom design your knife.


  • The knifemaking process begins and I will contact you to ensure you are a 100% satisfied.


  • Upon completion, your knife is shipped it to you or can be collected from my workshop.

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